Nothin's Gonna Slow Me Down (intro) chords

Adam Brand


Tabbed by Bj Grace email-removed -------------------------------------------------- -E* means a high E played as a 7th fret barre chord -In the intro, each chord is played twice (and heavy palm muted in between). After the second strum it is a quick slide to the next chord. Listen to the song if you have no idea what im talking about. -------------------------------------------------- Intro: A B D E* |--5-x-x-x-57-x-x-x-7-5-x-x-x--57-x-x-x--| |--5-x-x-x-57-x-x-x-7-7-x-x-x--79-x-x-x--| |--6-x-x-x-68-x-x-x-8-7-x-x-x--79-x-x-x--| |--7-x-x-x-79-x-x-x-9-7-x-x-x--79-x-x-x--| |--7-x-x-x-79-x-x-x-9-5-x-x-x--57-x-x-x--| |--5-x-x-x-57-x-x-x-7-5-x-x-x--57-x-x-x--|