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How to play bass guitar in 2022: Definitive Guide

Learn how to play bass guitar with our definitive guide step-by-step to all beginners

Yuri Silva - April 11, 2022

Table of Contents 1. What is a bass guitar? 2. Is the bass guitar easy to learn to play? 3. Gearing up   3.1. Choosing your bass guitar   3.2. Choosing your bass amplifier   3.3. Choosing your bass accessories 4. How to hold a bass guitar? 5. How to tune a bass guitar? 6. How to read a bass tablature? 7. Playing your first bass song 8. Famous bass players 9. What’s next? Ba...

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Best Electric Guitars for 2022

Yuri Silva - April 06, 2022

Finding the best electric guitar for you requires a lot of research. There a ton of models and styles available, and could be tricky to choose just one. This is why we at Chordlines reviewed top models and brands available, just for you! Our guide is based primarily on guitar models Fender Stratocaster Stratocaster is one of the most famous guitar models, by Fender, released ...

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