Senoritas chords

Adam Brand


Simplify chords 

  			Capo II 
Intro C  
 NC                 C 
I don't dance the Cucaracha 
I don't play the Moochachas 
I've never been to Mexico 
I've never had the chance to go 
Never met Speedy Gonzales 
I don't eat enchiladas 
I don't drink margaritas  
 NC                C 
But I love the senoritas 
  NC                  F 
I've seen 'em on the TV shows  
 C                     G                     C 
Hair of brown and the way it flows when they let it down 
 F                         C 
Cherry lips that you just wanna kiss 
   D                         G             
It drives me wild when they look like this 
Repeat Chorus 
Solo Chords: C G C G C 
  NC                  F 
I love the way they dance all night 
 C                 G                     C 
Sway their hip's wrap me round their finger tips 
 F                        C 
Tight red dress really knocks me out 
   D                     G 
You know boy's what I'm talking about 
Repeat Chorus X 2 
 NC          C      G 
I love the senoritas 
 NC          C       
I love the senoritas 
Then over Outro Chords C and G Adam adlibs with: 
Yes I do, I surely do, Oh Cisco, Oh Pancho, Oh Bandido Gringo 
Got some Pesos, For your Sombraros, Oh Perfavore Senorita, Come to the Hosienda 
For Siesta .....something like that :)