This Time Of Year chords

Adam Brand


Intro Chords: A D A D A There?s a summer moon shining through my room D Just like it did that night A You laid me down we tossed and turned D We bathed in that blue light A I was gone as it gets with the touch of your lips D We were burning like fire flies F#m E B Just when I thought I was over you girl it?s July Chorus: A If only I could make it through this time of year C#m With every day like a souvenir F#m From the places we went E And the love we were in D E Over and over and over again A You're in my blood your in my thoughts C#m Every corner I turn every street I walk F#m E B Every time I drive by the coast your ghost appears D This time of year A D A I still dream about those cut off jeans D And your pretty pink sunburnt cheeks A That big winter snow we spent by the fire D Yeah we just made love all week A I wished you?d call when the leaves start to fall D And the showers come down in May F#m E B Every time the seasons change I say Repeat Chorus Solo Chords: A C#m F#m E D Repeat Chorus Outro Chords: A D A D This time of year