Boe River chords

Cold Chisel


Intro: (NC)Listen now to the wind babe Listen now to the rain I feel that water lickin' at my feet again I don't want to see this town no more Wastin' my days on the factory floor First thing you know (live version repeats these lines) I'll be back in Bow River again (live version repeats these lines) G7 Am Any time you (Am)want babe You can come (Dm)around (F)Only six days (Em)separates me From the (Am)great top end I've been workin' (Am)hard Twelve hours a (Dm)day And the (F)money I (Em)save Won't buy my (Am)youth again I'm going for the (Am)heat wave And the tropical (Dm)rain And a (F)place where no man's Em Puttin' on the (Am)dog for me I'm waitin' on the weekend Set of brand new (Dm)tyres I'm (F)back in Bow F/C)River