Ita chords

Cold Chisel


Simplify chords 

  			(G)Every night when (F)I get (C)home 
(G)I settle down to (F)prime time (C)limbo 
(G)When all the boys are (F)gathered a(C)round 
Shouting (F)Ita's (C)on T(G)V 
(G)And though the roaches are (F)thick on the (C)ground 
(G)Somebody goes to (F)close my (C)window 
(G)Keep the noise of the (F)city (C)down 
Get a (F)dose of in(C)tegri(G)ty 
(Dm)Every week, in (A7/add13)every (A7)home 
She got (Dm)wholesome news for the (F)famil(G)y 
I be(C)lieve, I be(Em)lieve, in (Dm)what she (G)says 
Yes I (C)do(Em)(Dm)(G) 
I be(C)lieve, I be(Em)lieve, at the (Dm)end of the (G)day 
Her (C)magazine'll (Em)get me (Dm)through(G) 
Ita's tongue never touches her lips 
She could always be my godmother 
And though the desk-top hides her hips 
My imagination's strong 
She's the sweetest thing I've ever seen 
I'd like to take her out to dinner 
But when I think about the places I've been 
I'd probably hold my fork all wrong 
Every day and every night 
She's the only one we can depend upon 
I believe, I believe, in what she says 
Yes I do 
I believe, I believe, at the end of the day 
Her magazine'll get me through 
To every housewife through the land 
There is no-one else they can depend upon 
How could I not believe, when Ita tells me too