Saturday Night chords

Cold Chisel


F G C Saturday night C F G C Saturday night (repeat 11 times) Fm G Saturday night already old, Cm F walking into Sunday and I find, Fm G all desires are cold Cm F I could walk forever, I don't mind Fm G Show me a light, your company Cm F goes a little way, to help me see Fm G The path on which I'm bound Cm F rather than the things I leave behind Eb Fm I've got the keys to the city N/C. Baby Ab Bb I can feel my luck Ab Bb I got two days' money Ab Bb If you light me up Ab This heart will shine on Fm G "L'esclavage D'amour Cm F It will be ours forevermore" Fm G Words we both recall Cm F Either from a lover, or the law Fm G Saturday night, my steps have shown Cm F I can walk away from all I've know Fm G Goodnight, my friend, goodbye Cm Remember what they say, F When you're alone, laugh or die (solo) F G C Saturday night (repeat 'til sax solo)