A Word In Spanish chords

Elton John


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  			Intro: D  G - C  G - D  G - C  G
i dont know why
i just know i do
i just cant explain 
        Bm              D
in this language that i use
something leaves me speechless
each time that you approach
each time you glide right trough me
   Bm         D
as if i was a ghost
D               G
if i only could tell you
G                 A
if you only would listen
          Bm      C      D      E
ive got a line or two to use on you
        C       G/B            D
i got a romance we could chirsten

A/E                      Dm/F
and theres a word in spanish
Bb            C
i dont understand
but i heard it in a film one time
E/G#              F
spoken by the leading man
A/E                 Dm/F
he said it with devotion
Bb                C
he sounded so sincere
and the words he spoke in spanish
              E/G#         F
brought the female lead to tears
G         A                G    F
a word in spanish
G         A                G
a word in spanish

if you cant comprehend
or read it in my eyes
if you dont understand this love
in a thin disguise
and what it takes to move you
each time that you resist
is more than just a pretty face
to prove that i exist
Dm                       G
when manners make no difference
and my gifts all lay undone
i trade my accent in on chance
    B7                E
and fall back on a foreign tounge
A Dm/F Bb C Bm7/5- E/G# F E F Bb C Bm7/5- E/G# F G Am G F G
to chorus

G                   Am    G
theres a word in spanish
F        G        Am
ohh ohh a word in spanish