All Across The Havens chords

Elton John


Intro: G C7 G C7 Verse G The sister of sunlight C7 Comes to my lonely life G Bearing the crosses I hung C7 I hung on my lonely wife Bm And the anchor told me Em If I prayed by the river Am7 That the sweet sound of water D7 Would always go with her
G Bm/F# Em All across the havens to the waterfall F They told me I would meet her there Am7 Inside those icy walls F But how on earth in this universe C D7 Can they forgive me of my pains G Am7 For all across the havens C C/B Am7 D7 I must stumble locked in chains
Interlude: G C7 G C7 Verse G Then the mother of mercy C7 Showed me her stable G And told me you would be safe C7 Safe in her cradle Bm And the waterfall opened Em And the water withdrew Am7 Leaving me standing D7 On a road leading through
All across the havens... etc.
Outro G C7 G C7 G C7 G C7 G