Can I put you on chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

  			G  F C  G  G  C G 
G  F C  G  G  C)* 
  G						G/F 
I work for the foundry for a penny and a half a day  
	 C		       G	      C/G  G 
Like a blind street musician I never see those who pay  
     Am		    C 
It's dirty work in Birmingham  
Better deal for a Sheffield man  
	  G			  Am 
If he can rivet then his kids can buy  
C		     C   C C G 
Candy from the candy man  
	F		      C 
And the van that comes around weekends  
	F	     C 
Selling fancy city things  
F			 C 
Sold by the man with the trilby hat  
	F		     C/E 
And the whiskers spread like wings  
You can hear him sing  
Oh you can hear him sing  
	         G G/A 		G/B	C  F/C 
Can I put you on,  people can I put you on  
C			 G 
Tell you that I love you people  
		  F		   C  G/B  Am7  C C G 
Sing a salesman's song and put you on  
      G					       G/F 
And a second cousin works in the pits in Newcastle on Tyne  
       C				       G 
And he don't care if it rains outside, there's coal dust on his mind  
     Am		   C 
It's dirty work in Manchester  
	C		    C 
But the crew gets paid its gelt  
G		    Am 
Bang on the bell on Friday  
C				C	C C G 
You buys a little something for yourself  
	F		      C 
And the van that comes around weekends  
  G    G/F  C                         G 
Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  People can I put you on?