Easier to walk away chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

Bb			   F/A 
Every time you turn around 
Gm			Bb 
You wear another face 
Eb			Eb9     
Every time I look away 
Bb			Eb9     
I find a hiding place 
Bb				  F/A 
If you knew me like you knew him 
Gm				Gm7 
You would know just how I feel 
Eb				    Eb9     
Slipping through someone's fingers 
Bb		  Eb/Bb    Bb 
Falling under someone's wheels 
Bb		    F    Bb  F 
It's easier to walk away 
Better off to face the facts 
Cm			     Ab 
When love holds you up for ransom 
F		Eb/Bb    Bb 
Walk away and don't look back 
{1st time: go to Verse 3. 2nd/3rd time: continue from here} 
Eb9         Bb 
Its easier to walk away 
		Gm	   Cm 
Cover up and fade to black 
				Ebm6/Gb   F 
When love scars and leaves you branded 
	      Eb/Bb	 Bb 
Walk away and don't look back 
| F | F | Gm | Cm | Ab/Gb | F | <<-- (2nd time: Repeat Verse 1 and go staight to  
	      ^^^^ (3rd time: After this bar go to Coda) 
Never seen you looking back through 
Smiling eyes and tears 
Never knew you holding on to 
Memories and fears 
Just release me I can't take it 
Can't you see a change has come 
Strangled by infatuation 
Buried under someone's thumb 
{Chorus} (follow instructions and go to coda) 
{Coda (Instrumental)}: 
| Ab/Gb | F | Bbsus Bb | Bb | Bb | Bb | Bb | Bb | Bb | Bb | Bb ||