Grimsby chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

  			Intro: Em D Em D Em D Em D C D 

G                 C/G   G 
As I lay dreaming in my bed 
 C     G   Am    G D6  D  Dsus4  D 
Across the great divide 
Am                    Em 
I thought I heard the trawler boats 
  C              Em    D/F# 
Returning on the tide 

G                  C/G   G 
And in this vision of my home 
   C    G   Am    G   D6 D  Dsus4  D 
The shingle beach did ring 
Am                Em 
I saw the lights along the pier 
     C              Dadd9 D 
That made my senses sing 

      Em         Em/D D 
Oh oh Grimsby, a thousand delights 
Couldn't match the sweet sights 
Am G D/F# Em D 
Of        my Grimsby 
Oh England you're fair 
G/B Am      Am/G G          D/F# Em  Em/D D Dsus4 D 
But there's none to compare with my  Grimsby 

Through nights of mad youth 
       D                          C       D 
I have loved every sluice in your harbour 
    Em                      D 
And in your wild sands from boyhood to man 
C                               B7 
Strangers have found themselves fathers 

Take me back you rustic town 
I miss your magic charm 
Just to smell your candy floss 
Or drink in the Skinners Arms 
No Cordon Bleu can match the beauty 
Of your pies and peas 
I want to ride your fairground 
Take air along the quay