Gulliver chords

Elton John


Gm D/F# Eb Gulliver's gone to the final command of his master F Bb Abmaj7 His watery eyes had washed all the hills with his laughter Bb Ab And the seasons can change all the light from the grey to the dim Gm F But the light in his eyes will see no more bright Eb D As the sheep that he locked in the pen G F/G There's four feet of ground in front of the barn C/G G C/G That's sun baked and rain soaked and part of the farm G F/G But now it lies empty so cold and so bare C/G G Gm Gulliver's gone but his memory lies there By passing the doors of his life was a stage I remember And in later years he would cease to bare teeth to a stranger For sentiment touched him as Cyclamen holds him And later men came from the town Who said clear the child this won't take a while And Gulliver's gone with the dawn