Healing Hands chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

Intro: Bb F Bb   Bb F Bb F  

Bb                      F 
I never dreamed I could cry so hard 
Gm7               Dm7 
That ain't like a man 
Eb                 F    Bb C  D 
I could fly like a bird some days 
      Eb                  F 
Had a place where I could land 
Bb                         F 
I could have sworn we were all locked in 
Gm7                 Dm7 
Ain't that what you said 
        Eb            F    Bb C D 
I never knew it could hurt so   bad 
Eb                        F 
When the power of love is dead 

But giving into the nighttime 
Ain't no cure for the pain 
You gotta wade into the water 
You gotta learn to live again 

D                        G 
And reach out for her healing hands 
                  A       D          G  D 
Reach out for her healing hands 
          Bm                Em 
There's a light, where the darkness ends 
         A              D 
Touch me now and let me see again 
        Gm          G/A A  G/A G   D     G/D G/D 
Rock me now in your gentle healing hands 

key change:Bb 

Bb                        F 
I never knew love like poison 
Gm7                F 
That burned like a fire 
Eb            F         Bb C D 
All I ever wanted was a reason 
Eb               F                   Eb  Bb 
To drown in your eyes 
Bb                    F 
I never knew sleep so restless 
Gm7           F 
Empty arms so cold 
Eb             F           Bb    C  D 
That's not the way it's supposed to be 
Eb                            F 
It ain't the spell that I was sold 

repeat chorus 
instrumental break: Gm     Eb     F     Bb     Gm    Eb    F    F7 

Outro: D     G  G/A     D      G  G/A