I'm Going To Be A Teenage Idol chords

Elton John


Intro: Am-G-F Am Well there's slim times when my words won't rhyme G F And the hills I face are a long hard climb G C I just sit cross legged with my old guitar Am Am/G F7 It kind of makes me feel like a rock and roll star Am Well it makes me laugh Lord it makes me cry G F And I think for once let me just get high G C Let me get electric put a silk suit on Am Am/G F Turn my old guitar into a tommy gun D And root-toot-shoot myself to fame Am Every kid alive gonna know my name D E7 F An overnight phenomenon like there's never been F G A A motivated supersonic king of the scene Dm G Dm G I'll be a teenage idol, just give me a break C Am Dm G I'm gonna be a teenage idol no matter how long it takes Dm G You can't imagine what it means to me Dm G A7 I'm gonna grab myself a place in history F G# E7 Am G F A teenage idol that's what I'm gonna be Am Well life is short and the world is rough G F And if you're gonna boogie boy you got to be tough G C Nobody knows if I'm dead or alive Am Am/G F I just drink myself to sleep each night Am And so I pray to the teenage god of rock G F If I make it big let me stay on top G C You got to cut me loose from this one room dive Am Am/G F Put me on the ladder keep this boy alive