Japanese hands chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

  			Intro:  Eb / Bb /Ab     Bb / / /     Eb / Bb /Ab     Bb / / / 
   Eb/G                            F/G 
Outside I can hear the fireworks beyond the paper walls. 
          Eb/G                            F/G                        Dm 
Where the symbols painted black and white  -  run together when the rain falls. 
        Eb/G                          F/G 
And the wind chimes across Kyoto each time the earth moves. 
    Eb/G                                 F/G              Dm 
Was it the quake that shook me or was it  -  something to do with you? 
Chorus: Eb                  F                       Eb          F 
And the hot wind heats the bamboo blinds.  And your almond eyes always shine. 
         Bb                      Eb/G 
Sitting cool behind your painted fan. 
        Db                              Eb 
All the secrets of the east conceal the beauty and the beast. 
     Bb           Eb   F                   Bb 
For tender is the man  -  in her Japanese hands. 
Eb/G                                    F/G 
Flesh on silk looks different than on a cotton sheet back home. 
      Eb/G                                 F/G            Dm 
Where no one wears their hair like yours beneath those oriental combs. 
              Eb/G                    F/G 
And with your thirsty fingers running up and down my spine, 
       Eb/G                              F/G           Dm 
You forget the western woman when you're sleeping on Kyoto time. 
{Repreat Chorus} 
And the sky explodes.   And the moon grows cold.  
Eb/Bb                          Bb 
       To the distant sound of drums. 
        Bb                      Ab 
And the sky explodes.   And the moon grows cold. 
       Cm                               F 
As the dragons on the mainland wait to heat the sun. 
      Eb/Bb   F/Bb             Bb     Eb/Bb   F/Bb             Bb 
CODA:         In her Japanese hands.          In her Japanese hands.