Lady samantha chords

Elton John


  			Ebm    Gb    Ab7    Bb 
When the shrill winds are screaming 
And the evening is still 
Bbm   Db/Ab          Fm 
Lady Samantha glides over the hill 
     Eb                        Ab7         Db 
In a long satin dress that she wears every day 
G               Bbm      Ebm             F7 
Her home is the hillside, her bed is the grave 
Bb            D7/A 
Lady Samantha glides like a tiger 
Eb                  Bb 
Over the hills with no one beside her 
No one comes near 
Eb               Ab 
They all live in fear 
    F              Ab        Eb         Bb    F    (repeat) 
But Lady Samantha, she sheds only tears 
The tales that I told round the fire every night 
Are out of proportion and none of them right 
She is harmless and empty of anything bad 
For she once had something that most of you have 
to Chorus then outro 
Ebm    Gb    Ab7    Ebm