Latitude chords

Elton John


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Intro: G D F C  
G           D        G          C  
Grey London morning, wet London streets  
G           D       Em          C  
Rain on the window, wind in the trees  
G               D           Em            C  
It's my time to write, it's your time to calL  
G                        D            F             C D F C  
There's something about distance that gets to us all  
Dark clouds above me, little people below  
All walk with a purpose with someplace to go  
It's my place to paint my own selfish scene  
On this cold lonely canvas, it's just the weather and me  
B          Em  
And latitude  
C                G        D            G  
Fold back the morning and bring on the night  
            Am   G  
There's an alien moon  
      A                           D  
That hangs between darkness and light  
B      Em      C        G  
Latitude between me and you  
          B                Em  
You're a straight line of distance  
   C             G            D  
A cold strech of black across blue  
F C  
G D F C G D F C  
Cracks in the sidewalks, dogs on the run  
An old poster reading "Give us your sons"  
Window frames capture moments in time  
But latitude captures the heart and the mind