Michelle's Song chords

Elton John


Intro: | F Bb/D | F Bb/D | F Bb/D | F Bb/D | F Bb/D F F/Eb Bb/D Cast a pebble on the water. Watch the ripples gently spreading. F Am Gm7 Bb(add C) Tiny daughter of the Camargue - we were meant to be together. F F/Eb Bb/D We were made for one another in a time it takes to grow up, Gm7 Am7 Bb F Bb/F if only we were old enough - then they might leave us both alone. F Bb C | F Fsus | F Fsus F | So take my hand - in your hand. Bb C | F Fsus | F Fsus F | Say it's great to be alive. Bb C F Am/E Dm No one's going to find us - no matter how they try. Eb Bb/D Gm7 Fmaj7/A Bb F Bb/F No one's going to find us. It's wonderful, so wild beneath the sky. {Repeat Intro} Sleeping in the open, see the shadows softly moving. Take a train towards the southlands. Our time was never better. We shall pass the sights of splendor on the door of a new life. It had to happen soon I guess whether it is wrong or it is right. {Repeat Chorus} We learned to be so graceful watching wild horses running. And from those agile angels we knew the tide was turning. For we watched as on the skyway - the herons circled slowly. While we mere mortals watched them fly our sleepless eyes grew heavy. {Repeat Chorus Twice} Coda: | Bb/F | F Bb/F | F |