Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters Part2 chords

Elton John


Intro:Gm7 C7 Gm7 Gm7 C i used to think that new york city Gm7 C fell from grace with god Gm7 A and innocence abroad D7 waved a war for the underdog Gm7 when the snow falls C Gm7 Eb7 and central park looks like a chirstmas card A/C# D7 i just look beyond that bagman C D Gm7 C7 Gm7 C7 and the maddess that makes this city hard Gm7 C i heard a baskettball Gm7 C somewhere out beyond a chain link fence Gm7 A inner city prisoners D7 argue for the right of self defense Gm7 but theres a fast break C Gm7 Eb7 and every work of art brakes something in my soul A/C# D7 just focus on the cross strokes C D Gm7 and the bouquets that the dancers hold B7 Em spanish harlem still sounds good to me C G7 yeah mona lisas getting older B7 Em stading in the shadow of miss liberty F# B while i walk along the west side G C down through little italy F searching for the city D that took away the kid in me