Oceans Away chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 


Notes  Eb G | Bb C  | Bb Eb F | G  F Eb C C  Bb Eb G | Bc C  | Bb Eb F | G  F Eb C C  B F | 
       Bb     | 

verse 1 

  EB                Eb9               Ab                Eb 
I hung out with the old folks, in the hope that I'd get wise. 

      Gm                   Cm               F       Bb 
I was trying to bridge the gap, between the great divide. 

        Eb        Eb9              Ab               Eb 
Hung on every recollection, in the theatre of their eyes 

        Gm             Cm           F                 Bb 
Picking up on this and that, in the few that still survive. 


Call em up 

Dust em off 

D      Gm 
Let em shine 

    Ab              Eb                F              Bb 
The ones who hold onto the ones, they had to leave behind 

           Eb               Cm 
Those that flew, those that fell, 

    D                Gm 
The ones that had to stay, 

          Ab            Eb 
Beneath a little wooden cross 

 Bb     EB 
Oceans away 


verse 2 (SAME CHORDS AS verse 1) 

They bend like trees in winter, these shuffling old gray lions 
Though snow white start to gather, like the belt around Orion. 
Just a touch of faded lightning, of the powerful design, 
Of the generation gathered, for maybe the last time. 

REPEAT Chorus 


F#                                              Ab                                         Bbm 
Oceans away where the green grass sways and the cool wind blows across the shadow of their graves. 

F#                                     AB 
shoulder to shoulder, back in the day, sleeping bones to rest in Earth 

Bbm Fsus4  Bbm 
O - ceans away 

F#  Ab     Bb 
O - ceans away 

REPEAT Chorus 


OUTRO: Single Eb note fading into the distance