Shooting Star chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

Intro: Bb A7 

verse 1 
Dm                            Eb 
   I'm still in love with you, oh, shooting star 
Dm                             Eb 
   And when I start to wonder where you are 
 Daug           Cm             Ab           A7 A 
There you are, there you are, shooting star 

verse 2 
Dm                          Eb 
   You may have seen me at the early show 
Dm                               Eb 
   I sat and watched you from the second row 
    Daug          Cm       Ab 
Oh, you were mine long ago way back when 

Eb/Db     Db/Eb        Eb/Db            Db/Eb 
Even then we both knew you'd go far, oh, shooting star 

F                               Em7      A7 
   And with the spotlight shining in your eyes 
Dm                      Gm7              C7 
   It's sometimes hard to find your way 
      F             E7 
But maybe some night you might 
Think of me, shooting star 
F                                 Em7 
   And when that moment comes at last 
    E            Am 
And you remember who you are 

Abmaj7       Eb/Db          Db/Eb 
Here I'll be, shooting star, shooting star 
Eb/Db        Db/Eb 
Here I'll be, shooting star 

 F            G 
Shooting star 
 F            C 
Shooting star