Tambourine chords

Elton John


Intro: G D Em Bm Em G/B D/A C/G G G D Em Bm It feels like I'm flying When I see your face F G/D D I'm charged with a power Of amazing grace G D Em Bm I flip the switch signal On the permanent dream Em A Em/B A G Like the palm of my hand On a tambourine G D Em Bm Dumb rocks filling up My poor head F G/D D Did you just say What I thought you said? G D Em Bm First cat back here gets the cream Em A Em/B A G And bounce a little rhythm On my tambourine C G Smack in the middle Bb F Toss it in the air D# I don't care Bb Fsus F You can play me everywhere C G Roll and rattle Bb F When I'm out of steam D# Bb Edim/Bb Am G You got my head ringing like a tambourine G D Em Bm A curveball coming That I didn't see F G/D D A flash flood washing Out a dried up creek G D Em Bm I went in muddy But I came out clean Em A Em/B A G Like a Baptist banging On a tambourine Chorus C Am G You're a spinning-round gypsy in the moonlight Am G D Cymbals flashing in the firelight C Am G I'm free=falling into a dream F My hidden heart banging Dsus D Like the tambourine Chorus