Tell Me Where The Whistle Blows chords

Elton John


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  			Intro: Dm7 

There's a dusty old gutter he's lying in now 

He's blind and he's old 
              G           A              Dm7 
And there's a bottle that rolls down the road 

Me I'm young and I'm so wild 

And I still feel the need 
        G             A         Bm 
Of your apron strings once in a while 
For there's taxi cabs hooting 
    E/G#       G7           Dm7 
But I can't be foot-loose forever 
My suitcase it's a cheap one 
My darling she's a dear one 
   G7                         C 
My head's feeling light as a feather 

        G7                        D         Dm7 
Take my ears and tell me when the whistle blows 
       G7                       D         Dm7 
Wake me up and tell me when the whistle blows 
D             A 
Long lost and lonely boy 
Bm                        G 
you're just a black sheep going home 
D                   A         G7 
I want to feel your wheels of steel 
D             A       G7 
Underneath my itching heels 
Take my money 
G                A       Bm     Dm7 
Tell me when the whistle blows 

Part of me asked the young man for the time 
With a cool vacant stare of undue concern 
He said nine 
It's not so bad but I really do love the land 
And rather all this than those diamante lovers 
In Hyde Park holding hands 
Blowing heat through my fingers 
Trying to kill off this cold 
Will the street kids remember 
Can I still shoot a fast cue 
Has this country kid still got his soul