Where To Now St. Peter chords

Elton John


Intro: B Bm7/A E B (2x) B A G E B I took myself a blue canoe, D A E B and I floated like a leaf. B A G E B Dazzlin', dancin', half enchanted D A E B in my Merlin sleep. G A Bm Crazy was the feeling, G A Bm restless were my eyes, G A E insane they took the paddles, G F#sus4 F# my arms they paralyzed. Chorus: Bm D So, where to now, St. Peter, E G if it's true I'm in your hands Bm D I may not be a Christian, E G but I've done all one man can. Bm D I understand I'm on the road E G where all that was is gone, Bm D so where to now, Esus4 St. Peter, G A Esus4 show me which road I'm on, B Bm7/A E B B Bm7/A E B which road I'm on. Took a sweet young foreign gun, this lazy life is short. Something for nothing always ending with a bad report. Dirty was the daybreak, sudden was the change, in such a silent place as this, beyond the rifle range. {Chorus} B A G E B I took myself a blue canoe.