Whispers chords

Elton John


Simplify chords 

  			Intro: Cm  Fm7 :  Bsus4  Bb :  Ab/Eb  Eb :  Cm  Fm7 : 
Bbsus4  Bb  :  Fmsus4  C :  B  :  B  : 
Eb         Cm         Ab/Db 
Look at me twice with wildcat eyes 
Db                      Ab          Eb 
Promise me everything except a blue night 
             Cm    Ab/Db        Db 
Shudder like ice in cut crystal glass 
Melt in embraces of crazy eyed past 
    B        Db                  Eb 
And whisper, whisper, whispering whispers 
Eb              Cm       Ab/Db 
Tantamount to a lie with lingering breath 
Db                          Ab        Eb 
Walking fingers run, hungry scratches left 
                Cm          Ab/Db Db 
Dull chimes ringing like an empty voice 
A distant smile framed, her lips are soft and moist 
     B         Db                       Eb 
With whispers, whispers, whispering whispers 
Cm                           Ab 
And whisper in a rhythm your lies 
     Bbsus4       Bb 
Keep comfort for others 
        Ab/Eb    Eb 
Hurt me with the night 
Cm                                   Ab 
Whisper like cold winds close to the bone 
     Bbsus4        Bb         Fm  C 
Save heaven for lovers, leave me alone 
          B         Db                       Eb 
With your whispers, whispers, whispering whispers 
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