Sailing chords

Harry Nilsson


Simplify chords 

  			   G                           Bm 
Oh I've been sailin' 'bout the seven seas 
C                              G 
Lookin' for somebody who would sail with me, 
Am        D   C         G 
Sail with me, sail with me. 

    G                      Bm 
And I've been waiting for someone like you. 
  C                               G          Am        D  
A man who could love me and would promise to stay with me, 
C         G   Am   D    G 
Stay with me, stay with me,   
Am       D7       F        D7 
Sailing, sailing, sailing, sailing 

Nothing feels better than the rolls under sea 
And I can’t think of anyone but you 
To stay with me, stay with me, stay with me 
Sail with me, stay with me, sail with me 

by: José Duarte 
[email protected]