A Place In The Sun chords

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  			{Intro / Chorus Riff} 
G -2--2--0--2--0--|-------0--|--------0--|--2--0-------------------- 
D ----------------|----2-----|-----------|--------2--0-------------- 
A ----------------|----------|-----2-----|--------------3--0--0--0-- 
E ----------------|-3--------|--3--------|-------------------------- 
A           C                 G                   A 
Hey, girl - it's a new world, let's have a little fun! 
A          C            G             A 
Don't stay hidden away, come and join everyone. 
Outside l'm ready to ride, we can go anywhere. 
Don't wait, procrastinate take a chance if you dare- 
I want to take you there. 
Find a pace in the sun. 
You know you want to go - it's no sacrifice. 
I want what you want, in fact I'll even do it twice 
At half the price. 
Find a place in the sun. 
{Bridge riff} 
        E         G     C              D 
E ----------------3--|--------------|-----------2-- 
B ----------------0--|-----------1--|--------3----- 
G ----------------0--|--------0-----|-----2-------- 
D ----------2--2--0--|-----2--------|--0----------- 
A ----------2--2--2--|--3-----------|-------------- 
E -3--2--0--0--0--3--|--------------|-------------- 
E          G             C            D 
Didn't you hear that the war has been won? 
E           G           C         D 
Good people died to provide you a place in the sun. 
I'm here, what's there to fear? We're not breaking any law. 
Someday I know you'll say you wonder 
what you waited for 
What are you waiting for? 
Find a place in the sun. 
Didn't you know any wrong you have done 
Cannot deny you the right to a place in the sun? 
Find a place in the sun. 
Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission. 
Transcribed by Brad Launikonis 
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