Arthur chords

Hoodoo Gurus


{Intro - riff 1 - play twice} E A E A E A E |-0--//--0--//--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--| B |-9--//--2--//--0--0--2--2--0--0--2--2--| G |-9--//--2--//--1--1--2--2--1--1--2--2--| D |-9--//--2--//--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--| A |---------------2--2--0--0--2--2--0--0--| E |---------------0--0--------0--0--------|
E A E A Arthur played the bass E A E A He had an angel's face E A E A Jiving with the Hoodoos, man, E A E A No-one could take his place B A B A B D No, No, No! He needed extra cash So he drove his brother's cab The day we heard the news, you know It really hit us bad Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! E A E D E A E A That was the day that Arthur died {Riff 1 - twice} A black gelato van Finished for the day, Met with Arthur's taxi head-on Down St.Kilda way (By the Prince Of Wales) That was the way that Arthur died Upon the day that Arthur died I cried Arthur played the bass He had an angel's face He jived with the Hoodoo Gurus and you know No ones ever gonna take his ever loving place No no not me not anyone here Since the day that Arthur died Ever since the day that Arthur died Ever since the day that Arthur died Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission. Transcribed by Brad Launikonis Lyrics only version Printable version Please mail any comments / suggestions / submissions to email-removed Stone Age Romeos Index Guitar Archive main page My home page Last updated Tuesday, July 29, 1997 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monash University Personal Page Disclaimer This is a personal page published by the author. The ideas and information expressed on it have not been approved or authorised by Monash University either explicitly or impliedly. In no event shall Monash University be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action arising in connection with the use of this information or its publication, including any action for infringement of copyright or defamation.