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  			E - 7th fret 
On the bayou muddy waters warm 
A                             E 
And mosquitoes got a place to swarm 
B                          D 
And the gumbo's always hot on the bayou, 
G    F#m E  A  G   E 
Down in  Cajun country. 
On the bayou you better take your fishing pole 
And if you're thirsty, 
I got some Dixie's icy cold. 
Try some Crawfish Etouffe, Oyster Po'boy, 
Down in Cajun country. 
{riff 1  - three times} 
On the bayou I met Alligator Henri. 
He was poaching, but that ain't the story he tried to tell me. 
Born and raised in New Orleans, he's a Creole 
Down in Cajun country. 
{riff 1  - three times} 
On the bayou's only place I feel at home 
And I'll never, never, never feel the need to roam. 
I'm a Coonass through and through 
I don't care none 
Down in Cajun Country. 
{riff 1} 
    G                A        G        E 
D |----------------|------------7--5-|----- 
A |----------3--5--|----------5------|-7--- 
E |-3--4-/-5-------|-5--6-/-7--------|----- 
Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission. 
Transcribed by Scott Patterson and Leon Troeth 
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