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My girlfriend lives in the ground. 
My friends ask why she's not around, 
She won't come home. 
I'm so alone (you'll never know!). 
G                     B 
You can't bury love, 
You've gotta dig it up. 
A            E                B 
Yeah, you've gotta live it up. 
I take her flowers each day. 
I place them over her grave. 
I want her back 
Because I look so bad, so bad in black 
(Like a maniac) 
You can't bury love, 
You've gotta dig it up, 
Yeah, you've gotta live it up. 
Please, darling, come home to me. 
Well, I'll make you so happy, you will see! 
I'll paint your room 
In pink and blue 
(I'll even choose the colour scheme for you!). 
You can't take away my love 
I'll never give it up! 
Yeah, I'm gonna dig it up. 
(Don't! I Don't want to know!) 
My girlfriend lives in the ground. 
My friends, you ask me why she's six feet down, 
I can't tell you why ?cos if I even try 
I'd fall down flat on my face 
And I'd cry, "you can't take away my love" 
I'm gonna dig it up! 
I'm gonna live it up, yeah, 
I'm gonna dig it up, dig it up. 
I'm never gonna stop 
With that loving cup. 
Gotta fill it up. 
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Transcribed by Brad Launikonis 
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