Down On Me chords

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  			D  C  Em  G  D 
D  C  Em  G  D  C  Em 
          G             D   C   Em 
I've been going through hell 
         G           D   C   Em 
And it's starting to tell. 
      G            D   C   Em 
Wanna stand up and yell 
         G     D           C  Em 
I wish I had a soul to sell 
All I see is down on me, 
I don't need down on me, 
Everybody is down on me, 
Get out of my tree, stop crowding me. 
Ain't it always the way 
How people treat you today 
Fuck you over and say, 
"Now go and have a real nice day!" 
They must be down on me, 
Can't you see down on me, 
I don't need them down on me 
Let me breathe, stop drowning me. 
{Guitar solo} 
A |----5--9-|---5-------|----5--9--7-/-9-\-7-|-5--7--5-\-4--5~-| 
E |-7~------|-7---7--5~-|-7~-----------------|-----------------| 
They must be down on me, 
He and she down on me, 
My family is down on me, 
Even Mr. T is down on me! 
'Cos I'm doing it tough 
I thought of turning to drugs 
But there is never enough 
To keep my problems beneath the rug. 
L.S.D.   down on me 
P.C.P.   down on me 
T.H.C.   down on me 
M.S.G.   down on me 
X.T.C.   down on me 
F.A.B.   down on me 
R.I.P.   down on me 
M.T.V.   go down on me 
{Outro solo} 
D |-12--12--12--9--9--9--12--12--12--9--9--9--7--7--7~--7--5~--5~--5--7~--7~-| 
A |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
E |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
D |-7--p5--------------------------------------------------------------------| 
A |-------5~--5--5--5--5--5---7--7--7--9--5--5~-/x----5-/-9-/x----5----------| 
E |------------------------------------------------7~----------7~---7--5--/x-| 
            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(pick it lots) 
{/x means a big slide} 
Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission. 
Transcribed by Brad Launikonis 
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