Hayride To Hell pt.2 (The Showdown) chords

Hoodoo Gurus


-----------------0-------------------0------- -----------------1-------------------0------- -----------------2-------------------0------- -----------------2-------------------2------- -3--2-(bend)--0--0-------------------2------- -----------------x---3--2-(bend)--0--0-------
Am Em Charlie found Billy in a far-off town. Am It had been more than a year since his daughter Marie Em Had been put into the ground. Am Em Charlie swore when he found him he would get his revenge. Am Em For the loss of his daughters Billy Jackson's life Would come to an end. Bm Am Em Ooooooh, his time would come. Bm D C Ooooooh, his time would come. When Billy saw Charlie it was too late to run Charlie was standing in the doorway and in his hand He held a gun. The chase was all over, but Billy felt relieved somehow For tomorrow he would not have to run, Whatever happened now. Ooh, his time had come. Ooh, his time had come. Am Em Billy said, "Charlie, I know you're gonna kill me, but just let me say, Am Em It's true, I was the father of Marie's child and I - I ran away. Am Em You see, we'd planned to get married-but we were both of us just kids Am Em And Marie told me how you got so angry when she tried to tell you what we did. Am Em So we decided I should split from town until the fuss had all died down. Bm Am Em Then I heard how she died and since that day I've only known misery. Bm D C Now you've come for my blood so I guess I'll get to join My Marie". Charlie just stood there and tears filled his eyes. He'd come to kill Billy but never would, he realised. They both loved his daughter - he knew that at last, And hatred can't build a future, and vengeance can't Bring back the past Ooh - that time has gone. Ooh - that time has gone.