Head In The Sand chords

Hoodoo Gurus


{Intro} A / B D E (eight times) A / B D E Someone had to tell you, A / B D E Might as well it be me. A / B D E You've been fooling no-one, A / B D E If you only could see. Do you understand ? You've got quite a problem, Lost your job you know why But you can't admit, So full of it you might die. Do you understand? You can't understand D C B A G F# E D Db A A / B D E Just keep your head in the sand. Yeah Teenage alcoholic Grew too old to be fun. Just another loser Ain't no use to no-one. You can't understand. You can't understand. Give yourself excuses, Just as boozers all do. Why invent a reason ? No-one sees it like you Do you understand? Do you understand? You've got your head in the sand Your head in the sand Head in the sand A / B (four times) B / C# E F# (12 times) (Have another. And another, and another ...) A / B D E Everything is hopeless, Drink to cope - it don't help. What's it take to make you Wide awake to yourself? To yourself? To yourself? Your head's in the - (buried deep below) Your head's in the - (you don't wanna know) Your head's in the - (you've got feet of clay) Your head's in the - (drink your tears away) Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission. Transcribed by Brad Launikonis Lyrics only version Printable version Please mail any comments / suggestions / submissions to email-removed Kinky Index Guitar Archive main page My home page Last updated Tuesday, May 06, 1997 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monash University Personal Page Disclaimer This is a personal page published by the author. The ideas and information expressed on it have not been approved or authorised by Monash University either explicitly or impliedly. In no event shall Monash University be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action arising in connection with the use of this information or its publication, including any action for infringement of copyright or defamation.