Out That Door chords

Hoodoo Gurus


Em G C D E|------------------------------------------0---2----------0---2--2-3-2-0------ B|-------0-----------------------0------3-------3------3------------------------- G|-----0--------------0-------0------2--------------2---------------------------- D|---2---------------0-------2-----0--------------0------------------------------ A|---2--------------2-----3------------------------------------------------------- E|-0-------0--2--3--------------------------------------------------------------- Em G C D E|------------------------------------------0---2----------0---2----------0----- B|-------0-----------------------0------3-------3------3--------3-------0------ G|-----0--------------0-------0------2--------------2-------------2----0------ D|---2---------------0-------2-----0--------------0--------------------2------- A|---2--------------2-----3--------------------------------------------2------- E|-0-------0--2--3-----------------------------------------------------0-------
Em G C D Your kiss can leave me cold. Em G C D I miss the fire that our hearts used to hold. B C D Oh-oh, oh-oh, there's no danger anymore,
E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|------------------------5-----7b------------------------------------------------ D|---------------5----7------------------------------------------------------------ A|------5----7--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B C D B Oh-oh, oh-oh, you're not a stranger anymore Em C And I'm out that door (Out that door), D B I'm out that door (If you call) Em C But I'm not sure D B When we decided not to care for each other anymore. Em G C D By rights we should be friends.
E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-----------------2-------------------------------------------------------- D|-------2-----5-----5-----2---------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------5------2-3-0----------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------0-------------------------
Em G C D My pride was hurt but is that so hard to mend? B C D Oh-oh, oh-oh, I've been trying not to 'phone, B C D B Oh-oh, oh-oh, I've gotta know if you're alone Em C And I'm out that door (Out that door) D B If you'll just call (If you call) Em C And day or night - (Night and day) D B Anytime at all - (If you call) Em C But should I wait? (Should I wait?) D We're always breaking up, and making up B so much better than before. ( Solo 1) Estou tirando os dois solos galera,vou manda-los o mais rápido vlw Em C D x3 B C D Em G C D Your touch is my unknown Em G C So much to learn, D So little time to know. B C D B Oh-oh, oh-oh, we're not strangers anymore Em C Out that door (out that door) D B Into the light (into light) Em C We'll face the world (out that door) D B Just you and I (you and I) Em C We'll breathe the air (out that door) D B That freedom brings (freedom brings) Em C We'll sing the song (out that door) D B Freedom sings (freedom sings) Em G C D I look in your eyes and it's understood Oh-oh,eeeee x4 (Solo 2) Em G C D