Old Double Diamond chords

Ian Tyson


C                               Am 
Now the old Double Diamond, lay out east of Duboise 
            F               G 
In the land ........ of the buffalo 
        C                                       Am 
And the auctioneers gavel, how it rapped and it rattled 
                     F              G 
As I watched the old Double Diamond go 

          C             Am 
Won't you listen to the wind 
               F   G 
Mother natures Vio lin 

     C                    Am 
When I first hired on, to the old Double Diamond 
                  F            G 
I was a damn poor excuse for a man 
      C                                   Am 
Never learned how to aim, when the spirit was tame 
                 F               G 
Couldn't see all the cards in my hand 

        C                        Am 
And the wind whipped the granite above me 
                      F                G 
Blew the tumble weeds clean through my soul 

     C                                Am 
Well I've fought her winters and I've busted her horses 
                F                      G 
And I took more than I thought I could stand 
    C                                  Am 
But the battles with the mountains and cattle 
                  F             G 
Seem to bring out the best in a man 

        C                     Am 
I guess a sailor, he needs an ocean 
           F             G 
And a mama her babies to hold 
    C                   Am 
But I need the hills of Wyoming 
            F                G 
In the land ......... of the buffalo 

    C                    Am 
Now shes sellin out, and I'm movin on 
               F                G 
But I'm leavin with more than I came 
      C                                   Am 
Cause I've got my saddle and it ain't for sale 
                  F       G 
And I've got this song to sing 

    C                             Am 
Got to find new range to ride and new knots to tie 
             F                 G 
In a country where cowboys are king 
       C                             Am 
I turn my tail to the wind, and the old Double Diamond 
              F      G           C 
Disappears in to the sage.......