Spring Time In Alberta chords

Ian Tyson


Capo: 3st fret

G (strum once)            D 
Should've seen it in your eyes 
D                       G 
I could never read your eyes' 
G                   D 
So lost in love was I 
D                        G 
It always takes me by surprise 
G                        C 
You were dreamin' of the south land 
How your love comes and goes 
C                  G 
It's just like the weather babe 
G                  Am 
Only heaven really knows 
Am                        D 
Just like springtime in Alberta 
D                       G 
Warm sunny days and the skies of blue 
G              D 
Then without a warning 
D                          G 
Another winter storm comes ragin' through 
G                 C 
And the mercury's fallin' 
C             Bm   G 
I'm left all alone 
G               Am   D 
Springtime in Alberta 
D                G 
Chills me to the bone 
Verse 2: 
G (strum once)             D 
I can see the storm clouds coming 
D                            G 
Lord they're dark across the sky 
G                       D 
The same look that I've seen so many times 
D                          G 
When I've looked into your eyes 
G                      C 
So I'll turn up my old collar 
Pull my hat way down low 
C                     G 
Oh the wind's gettin' colder now 
G                      Am 
Droppin' down to near zero 
Repeat Chorus: 
Em              Am   D 
Springtime in Alberta 
D                G    D G (strum each chord once to end) 
Chills me to the bone