Baby Dont Cry chords



F C G F C G F (Baby don´t cry, baby don´t cry) x2 Dm G Dm G When you're down and confused nothing seems right Dm G Dm F And it's you who decides who's going to make it right Coro Dm G Dm G Well life ain't no joke but it's good when you smile Dm G Dm F Do you know where you are steal everything but you won't get far Coro Dm G Dm G Dm F Sometimes you will fall whatcha gonna do give your friend a call Coro Dm G Dm G We know that you can smile even though it takes a while Dm G Dm F To lose your fears and say gonna lose your fears and say Coro Dm G Dm G Do you know who you are and where you're going to Dm G Dm F Don't you know that love gonna pull you gonna pull you through now baby (Coro) x varias veces