Burn for You chords



G It's no use pretending G That I understand G The hide and seek we play with facts G Changes on demand CHORUS : A E Take my hand, at the start D And the shadows, they burn dark A E Love me, and I'll burn for you F#m A Bm And the love song'll never stop Then the next verse is in D : ie : D I like the look in your eyes D When you talk that certain way A A G F E I love the day, and the night D F When you know that lovers way Then back to G : ie : G Minding my own business G When you came along G Temperature was running hot G Fever was so strong Another Chorus : D It's always an adventure D The fantasy we make a fact A A G F E Your the secret I desire D F I can't keep that to myself G When we're not together G It doesn't feel so bad G We could be so far apart G But our love's not sad G E F C (4 times) Another chorus : End in G