Don't Loose Your Head chords



Intro: (Bb F C) 4X (Bb F C) You shot your mouth off like a kid Who's scared to have a heart Your loosing grip of what really matters Cause you don't know where to start You wake up in the morning With a starfuck for a friend The things you do are so in tune With what you said you hate What's giving you the will to live Is it looking for revenge The only laugh that you've got left Is hiding from the pain What must have happened to your soul Is skinning you alive The thing you fear most is love C And that's buried deep inside So deep inside
Bb F Don't loose your head C Cause I can't do the time Bb F Don't loose your head C Can you pay the price
(Bb F C) The heart your building out of rock Is turning into sand Cause you never took the time to think What it means to be a man You act like you got the answer When the question's never asked I've been to where your coming from But the postcards weren't so bad The knife I carry has been sharpened On the mouths that won't keep shut I'll stab at you in the darkness Cause I'm trying to shed some light Your point of view is so meaningless If you ever had one at all All you seem to care about C Is who's gonna take the fall Who's gonna take the fall for you
Bb F Don't loose your head C Now I can't do the time for you Bb F 2x Don't loose your head C Can you pay the price
SOLO: C REFRÃO até fade out