Like A River chords

Kasey Chambers


C C7 Sometimes you walk like an Angel C C7 Sometimes you walk like a man C C7 Sometimes you crawl like a baby C Makes me forget who I am. C F Have you ever been held before C Like honey to a Bee F I've never been held before G Like you hold me CHORUS: C You make me feel like a river C7 Like a water overflow C want to shout it out from the mountain C7 wanna sing it on the radio C I'll sell my soul like a sinner C7 C F If it mean you'll never go V.2: C C7 I think the sun is finally rising, C C7 it's burning down because I miss you C C7 I'm gonna walk right through the fire C C7 F cause all I wanna do is kiss you, Rainfall - C will wash this rain C7 F I'll build a stone wall G to make you Stay