Million Tears chords

Kasey Chambers


G Take my hand Em Break my stride C Make me smile D For everytime I?ve cried G Hold my heart Em In the palm of your hand C Don?t listen to it breakin? D Just listen to the band G Do you wanna ride in my car Em Its parked out on the street C Or just stay with me a while D Before I fall asleep G Take these tears Em Wash your skin C I?m havin? trouble breathin? D Since you walked in G C9 My hands are tied G C9 My head is reelin? G C9 My eyes have cried D A million tears Em From wishin? you were here {Break bit - Em (carried over from chorus), C, Em, C (Listen to CD for changes) All my life I?ve welcomed pain I?ve made up more excuses To bring it back again Now I?m here And I?ll drink to the shame I?ll drink to the madness That made me this way