Kettle chords

Killing Heidi


Transcribed by: Tony Crouch Email: email-removed I transcribed this from the Killing Heidi "Cold Live at the Chapel" This is quite different from other version (So Ella Says) because they've punked it up alot. -3-3-3-3|-3-3-3-3|------------------------------------------------------------ -3-3-3-3|-3-3-3-3|------------------------------------------------------------ -0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|------------------------------------------------------------ -0-0-0-0|-2-2-2-2|------------------------------------------------------------ -2-2-2-2|-3-3-3-3|------------------------------------------------------------ --------|--------|------------------------------------------------------------ GMaj7 C9 This is the Intro and Verse Progressions, For the intro it's repeated once, while for the verse it's repeated about 5 times. -0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|------------------------ -1-1-1-1|-1-1-1-1|-1-1-1-1|-1-1-0-0|-1-1-1-1|-1-1-1-1|------------------------ -0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|-0-0-0-0|------------------------ -2-2-2-2|-2-2-2-2|-2-2-2-2|-2-2-2-2|-2-2-2-2|-2-2-2-2|------------------------ -0-0-0-0|-3-3-3-3|-0-0-0-0|-3-3-3-3|-0-0-0-0|-3-3-3-3|------------------------ --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|------------------------ Am7 C Am7 C CMaj7 Am7 C This is the Pre-Chorus progression, notice the really pretty sounding Maj7th chord. Then you do the verse, Then you do the Pre-Chorus, Then you do the intro, Then there's a droning muted guitar solo, (Just play around on the B string around the 3rd and 5th frets!) Then there's another verse (Kick in Distortion here) Then another Pre-Chorus, Then another Verse, Then there's another guitar solo (Identical to the first one!) Then there's a really, really fast verse to finish the song on a high. That should just about do it. Bye for now, Feel free to email if you have any comments.