One by One chords

Kitty Wells


Simplify chords 

Capo: 1st fret

  			st FRET/KEY: Eb/PLAY: D 
D: (D) One By One we (G) broke each vow we (D) made 
W: It was you who lied, it was me who (A7) paid  
F: As (D) sure as there's a (G) heaven beyond the (D) sun 
D: We'll pay for our (A7) lies One By (D) One. 
F: (D) My plans and (G) hopes have tumbled (D) down 
F: My castle of dreams plunged to the (A7) ground  
W: How (D) can you (G) face me after what you've (D) done 
W: You've shattered my (A7) dreams One By (D) One. 
F: How can you go to sleep at night 
F: Don't old mem'ries make you long for daylight  
W: You'll pay the price after having your fun 
W: You'll regret each mistake One By One. 
F: The love I treasured you sold for gold 
F: For world goods you left me cold 
W: You're happy now, but the time will come 
W: You're false loves will leave you One By One.