This White Circle chords

Kitty Wells


Simplify chords 

  			C                       C7                 F 
This white circle on my finger means we're through 
A reminder of my wasted years with you 
       C                C7                 F 
I took off my rings and placed them out of sight 
         C                  G7          C 
But that won't keep me from missing you tonight 

           G7                            C 
This white circle on my finger shows I'm free 
        G7      D7                       G7 
I'm not sure if that's the way I want to be 
       C              C7            F 
Loving you might be a habit I can't break 
       C               G7                 C 
What a difference this small white circle makes 

                             C7              F 
This white circle will start fading with the time 
And I hope someday I'll have you off my mind 
          C               C7             F 
One white circle tells of two who had to part 
        C                 G7           C 
And our love has left its mark upon my heart 

Repeat #2