Looking Backwards chords

Lazy Susan


Simplify chords 

  			Transcribed: 12 June 2004 
Notes: I play barre chords for most of the song, the E chord is an 
open E chord. I've placed the chords above the lyrics for the 1st 
verse, 1st chorus & bridge - the rest of the song is the same chords 
so it should be easy to play along to from there. Comments & corrections 
D                              Am                   G 
Looking backwards through my rearview mirror. Everything?s getting clearer. 
D                      A 
Until that bend when I took the kerb. 
D                           Am                           G 
I?m juggling answers to a million questions that haven?t even been mentioned. 
D                       A 
But just in case I got the words. 
Bm                 E               A           D                   Bm      E           A       
Oh I, well I found out, everyone?s Jesus just about when it?s their turn to have their say.  
Bm                      E                    A                D                               
And how come that when I run, it?s all twice as quick to come undone?  
        Bm       E        A       G         A                                                
I was a fool to get that way. And who care?s anyway? 
I wish to God I?d never laid eyes upon you, the worst thing I could have done, yeah. 
But here?s the point I?m letting go. 
All the useless bits of information don?t help me fight temptation. 
And boy I need some seeing through. 
Oh I, well I found out, everyone?s clueless just about when it?s their turn to have their say.  
In hair salons and in Olympic marathons, we?re all the same and we won?t change.  
And who care?s anyway?  
F    D     
F    D     G                              A 
It?s okay. Just ?cos we?re getting closer, don?t mean not further away. 
Oh but I found out, everyone?s with you just about, ?til it?s your turn to have your say.  
Oh-aye, but no surprise, I?ll try and look you in the eye and never again will get that way.  
And who cares anyway?