Country Crowd chords

Lee Kernaghan


Australia "Country Crowd" Lee Kernaghan Transcribed by Nathan Gordon Any comments or queries - email-removed VERSE 1 D G They're coming down from the hills and from out of the back blocks D G There's a whole lot of headlights weaving their way down the track D G Heading to the showground cranking it up for the big one A D Well you haven't seen a party 'till you seen 'em party way out back CHORUS G There ain't nothing like a country crowd C A little bit crazy and a little bit loud G D We've got our own way of turning things upside down G I get together with these friends of mine C Who are not afraid to step across that line G D G They're that hard livin' hell raisin' bonafide country crowd VERSE 2 D G Those boys from Tara are cuttin' loose with the ladies D G And 'ol stormin' Norman's having trouble holding up the bar D G And those Gatton girls are getting up on the tables A D Well I wouldn't be suprised if they took the whole thing too far REPEAT CHORUS _______________________________THE END_____________________________