Babycakes chords

Magic Dirt

SONG LAYOUT *Pt 1 x 3 *Pt 2 x 4 *Pt 1 *Pt 2 *Pt 3 *Pt 2 *Pt 4 x 4 *Pt 5 *Pt 4 Pt 1 e----------------------------------------- B--3--2-0-2-0--7--5-3-0-3-5--7--5-3-0 Pt 2 e-----5---7---5 B--7---7---5-- Pt 3 e------------------------------------------------ B--3--2-0-2--3--2-0-2--3--2-0-2---3---2-0-2 e--------------------------- B--7-5-3-5--7-5-7-5-3-5- e------------------------------------- B--3-2-0---0-2-0---3-2-0---0-2-0-- G---------2-------2--------2-------2 e----------- B--3-5-7-7 Pt 4 e------------------- B--0-3-2-5---3-2-- G-----------2-----2 Pt 5 e------------------------------ B--0-0-3------3--------3----- G---------2-2---2-2-2----2-2 LYRICS (I'm a bit unsure of these, so corrections very welcome) If I open my mouth and I don't deliver Its a big deal when I know that its my only vision Little my small deal (x2) Sometimes I feel like I'm a victim again and everybody tells me that I'm so stupid What does it matter that I told you a lie Cause everybodys whispering and nobodys listening Is the issue big enough So that everybody hears it when you call it off Everybodys whispering Little my small deal (x3) Little my - its a small deal Well You gotta little my small deal (x4) Babycakes you always freeze me off (x4) Off off off Babycakes you always freeze me off (x3) Off off off