Goofy Gumb chords

Magic Dirt

This songs really easy. The main riff is simple but effective and really fun to play. ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------5-------------5----- ----5^7-----7-7-5^7----7------- ------------------------------- If Your having trouble holding some of the notes, try this minor adjustment. ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------5------------5----- -----5^7-(7)----7-7-5^7---7-------- ----------------------------------- Now for the next part of the songs. Theres so much noise i can hardly decipher what chords are being played so these are most probable wrong. but who cares. Play it how you like it. -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ----555555--888888--777777--555555---- ----555555--888888--777777--555555---- ----333333--666666--555555--222222---- Im too tired to work out the solos. Have fun with all the feedback and stuff.