Dreamworld chords

Midnight Oil


INTRO RIFF: (Do twice)
---0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0 17---17---15---15---14---14---10---10----9----9---10---10----7----7---3----3--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
INTRO CHORDS : E B G D E B G D VERSE CHORDS: G D G D E B G D The Breakfast Creek hotel is up for sale The last square mile of terra firma gavelled in the mail so farewell to the Norfolk Island pines No amount of make believe can help this heart of mine CHORUS: E D F#m A End...... E D F#m B your dreamworld is just about to E D F#m A end E D F#m A Fall - E D F#m B your dreamworld is just about to E D F#m A fall E D Yours dreamworld will fall INTRO (twice): VERSE 2: So shut that buckle and turn that key again Take me to a place they say the dreaming never ends Open wide drive that mystery road Walk through eden's garden and then wonder as you go CHORUS (but end on E D Am..........)
BRIDGE LEAD: e-|--------------------0-----| e-|--------------------0-----| B-|---------------4----------| B-|---------------4----------| G-|--------4-----------------|and G-|--------4-----------------| D-|--6--------6--------------| D-|--4--------4------4-------| A-|--------------------------| A-|--------------------------| E-|-----------------4--------| E-|--------------------------| ^ better fret this note with your thumb! e-|--------------------0-----| B-|--------0------0----------| G-|------------------6-------| D-|--4--------4--------------| A-|--------------------------| E-|--------------------------| BRIDGE RHYTHM: G#m Sign says honymoon to rent Cloudland into dreamland turns The sun comes up and we all learn Those wheels must turn THEN do INTRO riff once followed by --------------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------- --3--5--5--5--5--3-----3--|--3--2-----2--2--3-----3--|--9-9-9-10-10-10--7--7--3--3- --------------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------- --------------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------- --------------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------- --------------------------|--------------------------|-----------------------------
Then TWO more CHORUSES then use VERSE chords until end